Case Study

Maria Madalina

BA (Hons) Business and Management

Maria Madalina is passionate about business. In this case study, she tells us how her degree is giving her the tools to go beyond the classroom and into the exciting world of management.

I’m so happy with my choice of degree. Every business needs to be managed, so why shouldn’t I be the one to do it?  

“Ever since I moved to the UK from my home country, Romania, I’ve wanted to study.

Although I’ve worked for several years as a receptionist in a well-known hotel chain, I have much bigger plans for my career.

I want to be a boss. I don’t know if that means running my own company or working for someone else yet.

I’m interested in Human Resources, but also like the idea of Project Management, both of which are things I could definitely do with what I’m learning in this course.

But the main thing I want is to be a good employer that people like to work for, as well as having the chance to make business decisions for myself.

The confidence this degree is giving me makes that possible.

My passion to succeed comes, I think, from my parents. They’ve always pushed me to achieve my goals, staying by my side and encouraging me to go after my dreams.

They’re the reason I want to succeed in life.

I’m so happy with my choice of degree. Every business needs to be managed, so why shouldn’t I be the one to do it?

You need to have excellent managerial skills to succeed, which is exactly what this course is giving me.

I’m learning theories and getting hands-on experience with internships so when it comes to applying for jobs, I’ll have a good chance of getting the job of my dreams.

The UK is a brilliant place to be learning about business, simply because it’s where lots of companies come to grow.

When you study at the University, you really get a sense of that because you’re literally working in the shadows of some of the biggest companies in the world.

Of course, the experience is a little different right now, with COVID-19 affecting everything we do.

But the online learning platforms the University put together have made studying remotely so much easier.

For one thing, I’ve had the time to prepare for the birth of my first child!”

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