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MBA Staff Staff Profiles

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  1. Azmat Firdous

    Azmat Firdous

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  2. Francis Kuagbela

    Francis Kuagbela

    Senior Lecturer/Programme Manager (Finance)
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  3. Tawfiq Elahi

    Tawfiq Elahi

    Senior Lecturer/Programme Manager (Postgraduate Business)
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  4. Dr Giuseppe Cantafio

    Dr Giuseppe Cantafio

    Senior Lecturer (Academic Development APP and TEF)
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  5. Joy Meme

    Joy Meme

    Lecturer (Top-Up Business)
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  6. Dr Yahaya Alhassan

    Dr Yahaya Alhassan

    Principal Lecturer in Finance and Strategic Management/Assistant Head of Academic Operations
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  7. Dr Manesha Peiris

    Dr Manesha Peiris

    Lecturer (Postgraduate Business)
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  8. Elisha Kwasi Anti

    Elisha Kwasi Anti

    Senior Lecturer (Academic Development Employability and Work Placements)
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  9. Caesar Nurokina

    Caesar Nurokina

    Lecturer (Finance)
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