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When you arrive

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Three University of Sunderland in London students walking in Canary Wharf

At the airport

Regardless of the airport you arrive at, please familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations they provide.

You can find information for each of London's airports at: 

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 while travelling to the UK, you need to inform the crew on your plane, boat, train or bus.

They will let staff at the airport, port or station know, who should tell you what to do when you arrive. Once you're in the UK, go straight to the place you're staying. Only use public transport if there is no other option.

If you have to use public transport, wear something that covers your nose and mouth and stay at least two metres apart from other people.

Make sure you've packed a face covering or scarf to cover your nose and mouth before you travel. If you have symptoms of COVID-19 you won't be allowed to travel on public transport.

You can find more information about London's public transport at Transport for London.

You can also book taxis through Airport Taxis or Addison Lee, among others.

Getting through immigration control

If you arrive at an airport, you pass through immigration control before collecting your luggage.

A border force officer will look at your passport and check your visa/entry clearance. Make sure you have the right documents in your hand luggage. You should also have documents relating to where you are living while studying in the UK in case a border officer asks for this information. Before

leaving immigration control, check that the border force officer has put a date stamp (if you had a visa or entry clearance) in your passport. After immigration control, you will be able to collect your baggage.

Contact us

The University’s main contact number is: 0207 5317 333

Please ask to be transferred to the department you want to speak with.