Case Study

Silvia Dolinta


BA (Hons) Business and Management

From the Republic of Moldova, Business Management student and Student Ambassador, Silvia Dolinta, sees London as a city of opportunity where you can have a completely new experience every single day.

London is a city of opportunities for any graduate. The range of jobs this city offers is immense, with a prospect of good career progression.  

Published 15 December 2022

“I am from the Republic of Moldova, and I am studying Business Management in my second year. I came here [to study] after a friend of mine recommended the University of Sunderland in London to me, before this I was a full-time front office receptionist at Accor.   

I’ve been living in London for over six years, and I can say that overall, London is an extraordinary place to live. The variety of cultures, food, architecture, and urban life is just unbelievable; there is always a gig or an event going on somewhere. You can literally go to, do and try new things every single day. 

The only disadvantage is expenses, especially rent and transportation. Being a full-time student will not allow you to work full-time; therefore, all your finances must be well managed and thought ahead. So, just keep that in mind. 

Since I am Student Ambassador and I enjoy working with students, I would love to get an opportunity to stay and work with the university after my graduation.   

As a Student Ambassador, I would love to get a chance to work and learn about more departments within the university. Seeing the insides and getting involved in more departments will inspire and help me choose the correct department to work with after graduation.” 


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