Case Study

Victorine Ngobo

MSc Public Health

Victorine is studying for her MSc in Public Health at the University of Sunderland in London. She tells us about the difficulties she’s experienced and how we're giving her the tools she needs to succeed.

like to say that I didn’t choose the University, it chose me! When I found out I got a place, I was tearful but so happy.

Before I joined the University, I was diagnosed with a long-term illness. It meant that I couldn’t work and made me nervous about starting the degree. 

Because of not being able to work, I had to collect support allowance which you do at the Job Centre. 

It was there that I met a recruiter who was asking me about universities and what I’d like to study. 

I didn’t think studying would be possible for me, that it was out of my reach with the illness.  

But they convinced me to apply and suggested I would enjoy studying at the University of Sunderland in London.  

In some ways, my illness gave me the motivation I needed to start studying. I wanted to push myself and achieve something I could be really proud of. 

like to say that I didn’t choose the University, it chose me! When I found out I got a place, I was tearful but so happy. 

Public Health seemed like a good fit for me because I have a background in nursing.  

I’ve studied for my diploma already and been promoted before, so I thought the MSc would complement my experience well. 

Deciding to start studying again was a big decision for me. People had suggested doing a higher degree to me in the past, but I kept putting it off.  

It almost doesn’t feel real that I’m here now. 

At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But therea lot of help for students with disabilities. 

I get everything I need so I don’t feel left behind. For example, I get more time for exams and assignments. I also get lift access which means I’m not held back by my illness. 

Everything has been put in place for me to succeed. Because I know that, I’m encouraged me to do my part and work as hard as I can. 

Plus, if I have any problems, I know I can always speak with the Health and Wellbeing team.  

I really like my course. There are so many branches in Public Health to choose from. Right now, my favourites are epidemiology and research. 

When I graduate, I’m thinking about exploring those areas more. It’s an ambition of mine to work in a clinical lab 

That dream now feels achievable. 

If you’d like to follow in Victorine’s footsteps, visit the MSc Public Health course page.  

For more information on disability and study, speak to the Health and Wellbeing team today. Make an appointment through Compass, email them on or call at 0207 531 7343. 

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