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Skills every entrepreneur needs

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Published: 27 May 2021

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One of the most wonderful things about the University of Sunderland in London is how dedicated all our students are to their futures.   

That can be seen in the number of you with plans to launch your businesses.   

If that includes you, now is the perfect time to work on the skills you’ll need to succeed as an entrepreneur.   

Business management  

It might be obvious, but to run a company you’ll need some top-quality business skills.   

Most of our courses are focused on management, so chances are you’re already covering that.  

But if you want to dig deeper into what makes a great company, check out our free course the Business Management Certificate 


Another major part of running your own organisation is managing your team. That doesn’t just mean delegating everything to the people you hire.  

A great leader sets an example, knows what’s happening in their company and keeps a strategic eye on its direction.  

As a student with us, you’ll develop this skill through group work in class. Plus, you can take it further by joining one of our student societies. 


Everything you do as an entrepreneur will be about how well you communicate. That goes from managing your team, to finding clients and networking with your peers.  

Learn about active listening and put it into practice now so by the time you graduate you’ll be an expert.  

It’s also worth learning about marketing – the process of getting your message out there and building your brand.   

These are skills you can work on with us. Check out our free course on Digital Media Marketing for more.  

Customer service  

Regardless of the kind of company you want to set up, you’ll need to learn how to meet the needs of your customers.  

It’s vital for everything from building your client base to making sure your brand is meeting the needs and expectations of the people you’re trying to sell to.  

You can learn amazing customer relationship skills as a Student Ambassador, where you’ll work on major events like inductions and graduation. 


Even if you’re not studying the BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance course, you’ll need to know about the money side of things when playing your venture.  

Read articles on how to manage finance for small business and speak to experts to get started.    

Analytics and problem solving  

Much of what you’ll be doing throughout your entrepreneurial experience will be finding and fixing the issues that come up.  

Being the boss means making tough but fair decisions based on facts, as well as using creative thinking to grow your business.  

Critical thinking  

The ability to think critically is a vital skill for anyone wanting to start their own company. It’s all about being open and honest with what needs to improve and find solutions.   

It’ll help you plan strategically for the future, looking for pitfalls you might encounter along the way.   

At the University of Sunderland in London, all our courses are designed to develop this skill through your classes, assignments and independent working, supported by our team of expert academics. 

Whatever you want to do when you finish your degree, our Careers and Employability office is here to help.  

To have a one-to-one chat with them, book a meeting through Compass 

Alternatively, email out more by following #WeAreSunLon on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.