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Getting ready to start at the University

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Published: 21 February 2022

Students at the University of Sunderland in London listening to a lecture.

Throughout the year, the University of Sunderland in London has lots of different courses starting.  

With up to four intakes, being a student with us means flexibility and a degree that works around your life.  

February is no different, with people joining us for their first classes in the coming weeks. Welcome!  

It’s easy to feel a little lost when you start university, especially if this is your first degree or you’re coming back to study after a break. 

Of course, our expert and friendly staff will be there to help you every step of the way, from orientation to writing your first assignment. 

But we thought we’d add in a few lifestyle tips to help you prepare for the first days of your new student life. 

Learn to cook 

Of course, this might be a skill you already have. But plenty of people start uni being a little kitchen wary.  

If that’s you, now is a great time to learn a couple of easy, quick and transportable recipes to keep you fuelled throughout your studies.  

To make your life even easier, why not try meal prepping? The process of planning and making food ahead of time can really save you a lot of stress when you want to be focusing on your studies.  

Focus on making friends 

While your university experience is going to be unique, one thing we can be sure of is there are plenty of people who can relate in at least some way. 

Before you arrive for your first day of orientation, you’ll have a good chance of finding other University of Sunderland in London students on our social media. 

Introduce yourself through our feeds (find the links at the bottom of this article) and start chatting. 

That way, when you get here, you’ll already have a network of people to lean on for support. 

Get budgeting now 

No one wants to think about money when they’re enjoying their first few days of a new experience like starting at the University of Sunderland in London. 

While you have a little time before your first classes, sit down and work out your finances.  

Give yourself a certain amount you can spend on things like food, clothes, books and social time (and try sticking to it!).  

You might also want to make your life easier with a budgeting tool. 

Start reading now 

OK, you might think this is a little premature, considering you haven’t even had a class yet. 

But getting ahead with your reading is not only a great way to make sure you understand the lessons it’ll also give you a huge confidence boost when you’re able to answer questions in class. 

Take a look through your reading lists, have a google for major topics in your chosen subject and get cracking. 

University can be an incredible, eye-opening and life-changing experience. We’re so excited that you’re coming to join our community. See you soon! 

If you want to get ahead and make connections before you start your lessons, say hello on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #WeAreSunLon.

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