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Tourism Staff Profiles

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  1. Dr Faithfull Gonzo

    Dr Faithfull Gonzo

    Lecturer (Tourism and Hospitality)
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  2. Dr Vipin Nadda

    Dr Vipin Nadda

    Senior Lecturer/Programme Manager (UG Tourism / Events / Entertainment)
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  3. Franziska Vogt

    Franziska Vogt

    Lecturer (Tourism and Hospitality)
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  4. Blerton Hyseni

    Blerton Hyseni

    Senior Lecturer/Programme Manager (Tourism and Hospitality)
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  5. Dr Niki Koutrou

    Dr Niki Koutrou

    Principal Lecturer (Research and Knowledge Exchange)
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  6. Fotios Vasileiou

    Fotios Vasileiou

    Lecturer (Events and Entertainment)
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  7. Lioudmila Moshtael

    Lioudmila Moshtael

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  8. Lila Milone

    Dr. Lila Milone

    Lecturer (Tourism and Hospitality)
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