Blerton Hyseni

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Senior Lecturer/Programme Manager (Tourism and Hospitality)

I am the Programme Manager and Senior Lecturer for Tourism and Hospitality at the University of Sunderland in London, where I have been working since 2012. I received an MA in Tourism Management and International Tourism in 2009 and completed my Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) in 2011.

I'm very student-focused, with a particular interest in supporting students to achieve their goals and aspirations. I have been involved in many internal and external projects to enhance the student experience and my aims have always been to make learning practical and embed employability further into the curriculum.

I was awarded the Vice-Chancellor Teaching Fellowship in 2019 for my work on the potential of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality in learning. My aim is to bring VR learning into classrooms to tackle the issue of passive learning and engage students through active learning.

Teaching and supervision


My research interests include:

  • The impact of tourism on local communities
  • What motivates international students to study tourism and hospitality
  • Strategic tourism development models and approaches
I am a member of the Tourism Society UK and regularly attend seminars and workshops related to current issues in tourism.

In terms of teaching, my interests included strategic planning and development for tourism and leisure, with a focus on community-based approaches.

I also have a deep interest in the adaptive reuse of historic buildings and how that contributes to the visitor economy.

I am also interested in the importance of unplanned or informal tourism activities and their influence on tourism planning, particularly in Eastern and Central Europe.

Last updated 28 February 2024