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Nursing and Health Staff Staff Profiles

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  1. Maxwell Omoruyi

    Maxwell Omoruyi

    Lecturer (Undergraduate Nursing)
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  2. Dr Rekha Elaswarapu

    Dr Rekha Elaswarapu

    Lecturer (Health and Social Care)
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  3. Dr Patrick Igulot

    Dr Patrick Igulot

    Senior Lecturer / Programme Manager (Health and Social Care)
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  4. Sue De Baccini

    Sue De Baccini

    Lecturer (Undergraduate Nursing)
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  5. Prince Ubah

    Prince Ubah

    Lecturer (Undergraduate Nursing)
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  6. Geeta Hitch

    Geeta Hitch

    Lecturer (Postgraduate Nursing)
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  7. Solomon Afework

    Solomon Afework

    Lecturer (Health and Social Care)
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  8. Samuel Assan

    Samuel Assan

    Lecturer (Postgraduate Nursing)
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  9. Madhini Sivasubramanian

    Madhini Sivasubramanian

    Senior Lecturer/Programme Manager (Postgraduate Healthcare and Nursing Programmes)
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  10. Dr John Kainesie

    Dr John Kainesie

    Lecturer (Postgraduate Nursing)
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  11. Atefeh 'Ati' Omrani

    Atefeh 'Ati' Omrani

    Lecturer in Health and Social Care
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