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Lecturer (Health and Social Care)

I have over 20 years of experience in health and social care in policy, regulation and research. I am a Dignity Champion with the National Dignity Council where I am also a Trustee. I am an experienced senior policy advisor and a researcher specialising in older people, nutrition, dignity and privacy, end of life, long term conditions, user voice and age discrimination. I am also a special advisor to Age UK London.

Teaching and supervision

I teach on the following courses:

BSc Health and Social Care (Top-Up)


Publications: (Journals/conferences)

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I became a Fellow of Advance HE (formally the Higher Education Academy) in March 2020.
I was an expert advisor on a number of national projects, including work with clients such as Which?, Care England and the National Care Forum.

I was also a key member of the Royal College of Nursing Think Tank for developing dignity modules for pre-registration nursing courses.


Developed an e-learning package on dignity with care for staff in care settings.

Led a project commissioned by the Trust Development Authority on staff bullying and harassment for and NHS trust.

I am an advisory expert on a research project led by Kings College London.

Led on the development and implementation of a national regulatory strategy for older people services for the Healthcare Commission and Care Quality Commission. This included looking at areas such as dementia, nutrition, end of life, dignity and neurological services.

Development a number of national strategies including the National Stroke Strategy, the National Carers’ Strategy, and the NICE Quality Standards for Dementia.

Sat on the delivery board of the National Nutrition Action Plan and co-chaired the Regulation and Inspection subgroup.

Project lead for the Dignity in Care project for older people in hospital for the NHS.

Project managed the first cross-organisational review of older people services.

Managed the delivery of the National NHS Patient and Staff Survey.

Last updated 16 November 2021

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