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Dr.Sahidi Bilan

Senior Lecturer/Programme Manager (UG Business)
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I am the Senior Lecturer/ Programme Manager for Undergraduate Business Courses at the University of Sunderland in London and I manage, plan and coordinate all teaching, learning and research activities along with my team.

My educational background is Philosophy. My PhD was awarded by RWTH-Aachen (Germany) in Philosophy, Political Science and Sociology in 2001. My research project was titled: “Die Idee in Hegels Wissenschaft der Logik. Rekonstruktion und Interpretation der Begriffslogik”. The primary aim of my research was to provide a systematic and easy access to Hegel’s Science of Logic, reputed as one of the most difficult philosophical books in the history of the Western Philosophy. The research was undertaken in the perspective of the objective Idealism.

To complement the theoretical credentials, I obtained two MBA, first from Sunderland University and the second from Anglia Ruskin University. In addition, I was awarded MA in Marketing & Innovation.

I am also an experienced marketing executive.

My research interests are, among others, the following:
• Strategy 
• Business Ethics 
• Marketing 
• Human Resources 
• Political economy 
• Sociology
• International Relations & Trade 
• Philosophy of the Mind 
• Discourse Ethics

Currently, I am working on a research project titled: The Ultimate Foundation of Knowledge (Letztbegründung) and The Grounding of Ethics.